Billy DeAngelo

Billy DeAngelo has been a household name in the Detroit music scene for over 25 years. Billy is a rare breed in today’s music world -- his power, chops and skill set as a drummer are as good as it gets, and on top of that he’s also a very accomplished lead and harmony singer. Billy’s vocal capability and range are second to none. He can effortlessly sing from a low raspy growl to a soaring high, clean falsetto making him a potent front man even from the back of the stage.   

Growing up in a house where the music industry was at his fingertips, Billy had constant exposure to a never-ending universe of music. Being the son of famed Detroit radio DJ Johnny Williams of CKLW Radio had an immense effect on Billy’s youth, and his constantly evolving musical tastes.   

Billy has toured the US extensively over his years of gigging and has opened for national acts such as Blue Oyster Cult, Foghat, Molly Hatchet, Night Ranger, Robin Trower, Slaughter, Nazareth, and many more.  He also was a finalist in the Guitar Center National Drum-off in 2007 and 2015.  Prior to joining The Phoenix Theory, Billy sang and played drums with some of Detroit’s premiere groups including Government Honey, The Remedy Band and Still Rain.   

Billy is excited to continue moving his music career forward with The Phoenix Theory where he gets to blend his unique talents with his fellow band members while contributing to the ever-growing culture in the Detroit music scene.